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An unplanned for (but, I should say, not unexpected) challenge. Bring it.

I should have planned for it… I should have known… I have to move. And soon. The apartment complex where I currently live was purchased a few months ago. The new ownership is notorious in these parts (and possibly farther afield) for being very … Continue reading

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Things that make you stop and think

Yesterday afternoon my mother was in a car wreck. While driving into Portland from the coast where she lives, another vehicle, being driven too fast for the conditions, lost control on the snow packed and ice covered road and spun towards … Continue reading

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Whimsical post #1

 I like pie. Pecan pie. Punkin (I know) pie. Key lime pie. Banana cream pie. Lemon merengue pie. Mincemeat pie. Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Apple pie. Boston Cream pie. Chess pie. Coconut cream pie. Pecan Butterscotch pie. Blueberry pie. And, and and…. Ok, … Continue reading

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To snow or not to snow

Ah, the ever present, “Gasp!” whenever snow is menitoned here. Literally, for a few days now, all the weather reports have told us about the #Snowpocalypse, the #Snowmageddon, the great snow storm of late February, which, of course, is NOT … Continue reading

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I went to the ocean today

And fell in love with her all over again. I could listen to her music forever, watch her waves build and crash, see the salty spray blossoming into a tangible mist. I could breathe again. I was, for a little … Continue reading

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Tonight both of my dogs dreamed. Sleeping soundly, they were. Then, I heard those little yips that so rarely occur, and saw the random paw twitchings. I love that. When this happens, I like to think they’re on that grand chase for … Continue reading

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