Tonight both of my dogs dreamed. Sleeping soundly, they were. Then, I heard those little yips that so rarely occur, and saw the random paw twitchings. I love that. When this happens, I like to think they’re on that grand chase for the front bumper of a massive SUV (which, of course, they manage to rip to shreds, right?), the ever elusive mastodon bone,  or the simple thought of a snuggle with me. When it’s my turn to come back to this world, I can only hope to be one of my dogs. What a life.

Of course, I have a mini-dachshund and a chiweenie. So the SUV bumper is too high for them to reach. And the mastodon bone itself would be three times their size… but they’d love the journey. And I’d love watching them travel it.

Ruby (on the left) and Gunter (on the right)

Welcome to my blog.

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4 Responses to Dogs

  1. l.a.b. photography says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend

  2. Jean says:

    Love it! You have a way with words. Keep it up. I’ll subscribe.

  3. Karen says:

    Love it Barb. It’s like journaling, poetry, random thoughts, great photography all wrapped up in one! What a really great way to express yourself. Can’t wait to see where this leads you in your life journey..

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