To snow or not to snow

Ah, the ever present, “Gasp!” whenever snow is menitoned here. Literally, for a few days now, all the weather reports have told us about the #Snowpocalypse, the #Snowmageddon, the great snow storm of late February, which, of course, is NOT the norm here in the Pacifc Northwest. Well, so far? Not a lot has happened. However, as I type, it’s actually snowing. More than the little 10 minute flurry that happened at 12:30 this afternoon or the bit that came down around 8:00 p.m. or so. It’s finally starting to accumulate. But so far? Hrm. Am I worried? Hm… Do I need to gird my loins for the inevitable Barbara-crash-to-the-ground spillage I can pretty much count on experiencing when it’s icy? Not so sure.

Nothing much more than a flurry here and there. Do I think it will amount to much? Right now I’m not convinced. So far, I say, #Snothing.

Aaand… Now it’s not snowing at all. Well, whatever happens happens. I’ve got my yaktraks and hot chocolate lined up for the morning. Bring it, Mother Nature! Bring it!

I say look out the window when you get up in the morning to truly see what’s going on. Then wait 5 minutes and check it again.


I know.

Happy galoshes, folks. Bundle up! Rest well.

Carry on.

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One Response to To snow or not to snow

  1. Jean says:

    At 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, the 24th of Feb., there is about 2 1/2 inches of snow on the ground – and on the fence rails and roofs, etc. – here at the coast. A quiet, white world that begs one to sit at the window with a hot drink and just look at the sparkles.

    Since I don’t want to have one of those crash-to-the-ground things, I think I’ll not go out just yet.

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