Things that make you stop and think

Yesterday afternoon my mother was in a car wreck.

While driving into Portland from the coast where she lives, another vehicle, being driven too fast for the conditions, lost control on the snow packed and ice covered road and spun towards her SUV. She saw it coming and knew there was no way to avoid impact. The other vehicle sideswiped her vehicle all the way down the driver’s side and pushed her into a spinout. She spun around and hit the guard rail with the passenger side of her car. Thank God for guard rails and being in a full sized SUV which, and I quote, “saved my bacon!”

She was not hurt!! Nary a scratch! Adrenaline? Gobs. A little ticked off? Understatement. A swear word (or maybe two) uttered? I plead the fifth…

Please know, and I am thankful, the other driver was not hurt, either.

They got out and exchanged information – no cell service up on the pass, no way to call the police. Both vehicles were driveable and both parties continued on their way.

Then I get a phone call at work. Mom: “I’ve stopped in the parking lot at your office and I need you to look up something for me.” Me: “Ok, what is it?” Mom: “The Washington County Sherrif’s office location.” Me: “What.” Mom explains. I look up and pass on the info. We confirm dinner plans. We hang up.

And I shattered.

I shook. I broke out into a sweat. I sat at my desk stunned, shocked. My hands literally trembled. This was my MOM! And now I know exactly how she felt in June of 1995 when she got that call from the police at 3 in the morning after my wreck. Now I know.

I’m not a mom, can never be one, but I have learned that the connection goes both ways.

I get it now. The connection goes both ways.

My mother is ok. And I am grateful.

I love you, Mom.

Carry on!!

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8 Responses to Things that make you stop and think

  1. I’m so glad your mom is OK. And there’s always a point in the parent-child relationship where it becomes, just as you said, “now I know.” Bless you both!

  2. Cari says:

    Wow!!! Glad she is okay!!!!

  3. Bridget says:

    Really happy she’s okay.

  4. Peggy says:

    So glad she’s ok! That would have been terrifying. And, I hope you’re ok.

  5. Nancy P says:

    oh thank God she is ok. Hugs to both of you

  6. Yeah, an umbilical cord has two ends. So glad she’s still there at the other end for you.
    <> and deep breathing!

  7. Linda says:

    How frightening for her at the time and for you later hearing about it. I thank God that she is ok …. this is the first I’d heard of it.
    And, oh yes, the mother/daughter connection definitely goes both ways. Absoutely.

  8. Jean says:

    Now you know why I drive a big vehicle!

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