An unplanned for (but, I should say, not unexpected) challenge. Bring it.

I should have planned for it… I should have known…

I have to move. And soon.

The apartment complex where I currently live was purchased a few months ago. The new ownership is notorious in these parts (and possibly farther afield) for being very over-priced (I know because my last apartment was owned by this company, which is why I moved from there when presented with a ridiculous increase.) Well, guess what? They still are. I have lived here for two years. I like it here. I love my kitchen and the whole layout. I am blessed to be only .4 miles from my office. Never in my life have I been penalized for being a long term renter on good terms the whole time, by being priced out of the apartment I’ve rented for ANY length of time. My thought process says, well, “We have a good, long term renter already in place. Why don’t we KEEP that renter and not have the turnover costs and, therefore, keep the steady income?” Well, apparently, I am in the minority in this thought process since the new management deemed it appropriate to raise my rent by $148 a month. This increase is not acceptable, nor is it in my budget. Therefore, I have to move. Joy.

The best part? I have a month to purge/pack/find somewhere to go. Yep, I have nothing lined up. Even more joy.

Empty boxes and newspaper for packing material accepted. Musclular folks and people with trucks are welcome come April 9th (my target date to make this transition, pending the hope that I actually have somewhere to go!)

I’ll find somewhere to go. I must. I’ll pack like crazy in the next few weeks and will purge the extraneous junk like I’ve never purged before. Tonight a friend called it “severe editing.” Amen, Kerri! Amen.

Let the severe editing begin!

Carry on.

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5 Responses to An unplanned for (but, I should say, not unexpected) challenge. Bring it.

  1. Peggy says:

    Ugh! Sorry that happened! I should be able to help you with the box moving on the 9th – just let me know.

  2. Linda says:

    Really sorry to hear that. Sharks like him/them look at only how much money they can make, nothing else. I hope you find something you like even better

  3. Nancy P says:

    Yikes! I should be able to help. Let me know! (@npowell)

  4. Jean says:

    I have some boxes. A little bit of newspaper. Sorry about that. Can I help pack?

  5. l.a.b. photography says:

    You know Christy and I are here for you! That happens to be the weekend of my event but we will coordinate and do anything we can. I’m thinking this is an opportunity. It’s not coming at a time of your choosing, but change, whether good or bad usually does not come at the ‘right time’.

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