Today was a very good day

I took a much needed breath last weekend (thanks to some very wise words from people very important to me) and it was exactly what I needed to do. Slow down. Stop. Breathe. Regroup. Plan. Act. I am ready for the next journey, upon which I have now embarked.

New things are in the works for me. And are exactly what I want in my life. Scary? Yes! Welcomed? YES!

I am blessed in too many ways to describe.

Stay tuned. (Don’t you love the TV-esque tease line?) Details? Nope. Not sharing just yet. I repeat: Stay tuned : )

I’m doing good. I really am.

Carry on.

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2 Responses to Today was a very good day

  1. l.a.b. photography says:

    sorry to always go back to this damn quote, but “leap and the net will appear”. You lept my friend. You lept. 🙂

    • I did! I leapt and, wonderfully, I landed with both feet firmly planted on the good old Tera Firma! Thank you, my friend. For going with me and for your support in all things. That net appeared – and even possibly wasn’t even needed! I leapt. And I’m doing juuuussst fine 😀

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