For the past few days I’ve simply had to step back. To breathe. Be offline. Be back to that time when being online was new, different, odd. I am back to that time when people were just people.

I’m grieving the loss of someone who was family, no matter the lack of mutual DNA. This person (family member without question) had a key to my grandparents’/mom’s house. There was no knocking, no phone call, no warning needed. Open the door and come on in. He and his wife are family. I know he felt great love for my grandparents and my mom, and that love was returned without question.

My family was reduced by one this past Monday. Our family member got to the point where he could not continue to be. Cries for help were answered in years past. And were, at best, it seems, temporary. This past Monday, my family member came to the point where there were no more answers to the questions he had. The questions were just too big. So, he left this life. And we are grieving.

My heart is broken for his wife and for all who knew him. But, for the first time since they passed, I’m glad my grandparents are already there and can welcome him back into their arms.  I believe his spirit is going to be ok now. Who’s wouldn’t be if they could now be spending their time with MorMor and Gramps?

Learn how to listen to your own heart, my friends. And learn how to believe in what you find there. Hear the love of your closest people and hold it close.

Rest well, my storm filled friend. Rest well. I hold you and yours close to my heart always. Always.

Carry on.

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