Interesting mid-day entertainment today. A good dozen cop cars, sirens blaring intermittently and ongoing, some rather fiercely determined-looking German Shepherd K9 officers roaming and sniffing about. And, apparently, one robber hiding out in my apartment complex. One policeman stopped his patrol car and came up to talk to me. Said they were looking for (insert suspect description here) and why. I hadn’t seen a person fitting the description and said so, but promised to call 911 if I did.

Why, you might ask, was I outside peering around corners and standing on the sidewalk in the rain amidst all this loveliness? Well, I don’t know. Brains were certainly not a part of the equation, obviously. But I do tend to wonder what’s up when I see an ambulance or fire truck… “It’s a catastrophe!” I often exclaim. (Those who know me know this.) I do crane my neck at a car wreck… Yep, I’m one of those… Of course, I poo poo rubber neckers…. Keep moving, folks! I’ve got places to go and things to do!!


So, do you think after this convo I stayed outside to see if this person came strolling by? To wait for a direct run in with same? To be able to say, “Hey. How you doin? Good? Great! By the way, would you mind sitting here on the curb while I call the popo? Thanks, dude. You really ARE a nice guy. Sometimes.” To be a hero? No? You are correct! I returned to the sanctuary of my own apartment post haste, doors locked, “fierce” pooches at the ready for some serious barking and ankle biting (as ankles are only as high as either of them could reach and both of whom would retreat to the “under the bed safety zone” should someone actually bark back, no matter the danger I was in and then say, “Hi. Here’s the family jewel collection and any electronics you might be interested in. Sorry to inconvenience you, Mr. Bad Guy. Here’s a band-aid for that lil ol’ ankle scratch thing…”) should the situation require.

Then it was over. No sirens. No cops. No German Shepherds. Nothing. So I went shopping.

Carry on!

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