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Blessings in the form of what are now sweet memories

Walking through memories tonight as I go through old photos… ¬† Here I am @ 7 yrs old on Christmas day, both arms having been broken after a fall off the elementary school¬†playground monkey bars during recess one day a … Continue reading

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OUCH! And Happy Easter/Passover

¬† Maybe I’m being a crybaby. Maybe not. But ouch! Today I slammed my thumb in the side door of my van. How stupid. And now I’m just hoping I get to keep my fingernail. And also worried about how … Continue reading

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Unhappy Camper

Apartment dwellers, do you appreciate the care/concern/compliance taking place when the maintenance staff at your apartment complex come into your home to install a required carbon monoxide detector (or insert any other needed repair or service here)? Today, this happened … Continue reading

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