OUCH! And Happy Easter/Passover


Maybe I’m being a crybaby. Maybe not. But ouch!

Today I slammed my thumb in the side door of my van. How stupid. And now I’m just hoping I get to keep my fingernail. And also worried about how swollen it is and hoping I don’t have to go have it opened up to relieve the pressure. Ah, well. Such is life. And such is the boneheadedness of one wanna be blogger… (Yes, boneheadedness is a word. Because I said so.)

Today, for the first and possibly only time, I told my van I was glad… GLAD I won’t have it much longer! (Of course, I told it so in less than appropriate language that shall not be repeated here.) Monday brings me a newer, less decrepit vehicle. I just ask that you send your thoughts that the van and I make it to the coast for this exchange!!

Folks, all this aside, I wish you all a Happy Easter or Passover, whichever you subscribe to. I love and respect aspects of both. Or, if you don’t subscribe to either, I wish you a warm, love and peace-filled Sunday.

But OUCH!!


Carry on.

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