For Mom

Today is Mother’s Day.

I’m not a mom. But.

I have been blessed with a mother who has a beautiful strength of spirit. And I’ve been gifted, at different times in my life, with others who are moms and who’ve made a wonderful and lasting imprint on my life’s’ journey.

I have also been blessed with a grandmother whose spirit was astronomical. Hence my mother’s. My grandmother inspired love, respect and honor in the lives of those she touched. She meant then and means everything now to me, even all this time after she’s gone. I am grateful for having her influence in my life and for having her love. I miss my MorMor more than words can say.

I like to think I have some of my grandmother’s strength in my veins. My mother (and her brothers) grew up with that strength as a role model and she (and they) brought it to each of their children. Therefore, I have it from both my mother and my grandmother. And I am blessed. This year, my mother will still be 25 years older than I. But until she tells me it’s ok to share that age number, I’ll keep quiet about it. 😉 But as I sit here, I remember my 25th, Mom’s 50th and my grandmother’s 75th birthdays, all in the same year. And I will forever be grateful we all had that celebration together, many years ago, one my grandfather planned out and made so beautifully wonderful.

My mother has truly been the rock in my life at the moments when I needed it. She and I have, of course, had our moments. Who hasn’t? But when I needed that rock, all bets were off and she was right there. To cry with me. To grieve the losses and hold me up in the times when things seemed to be insurmountable, to celebrate the successes, to revel in the possibilities of what was in store, to understand when the disappointments happen. And I am blessed.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Carry on.

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One Response to For Mom

  1. l.a.b. photography says:

    A wonderful tribute to your Mom Barbara. I’m so lucky to get to call her “Mama” too. 🙂

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