Why are you occupying? Because I can’t tell…

How does one single human being get her words heard by the masses? I really wish someone in the occupy movement could see this. Oh, well.

People, I get it. I understand the initial concept behind the movement. But this is NOT the way to make it happen. You’re too vague. You’re too caught up in the idea of occupying and simply not going home. If you do not like the way things are, then offer ideas. Offer solutions. So far, I’ve not heard anything from any of you that is an actual viable idea or suggestion on how to change anything.

If you do not like the leadership or laws of this country, BECOME the leadership. BECOME the lawmakers. BECOME the politicians. THEN you will occupy. THEN you will affect change.

Then you will make a difference.

Clean up your trash. Own up to the environmental damage you’ve caused in the park and work to correct it. Return to hugging rather than damaging the trees there. Isn’t that part of belonging to our society? Caring for and honoring every part of it?

Go home. Take a shower. Put your kids back in school so they, too, can learn to become the change we need.

That is all.

Carry on.

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3 Responses to Why are you occupying? Because I can’t tell…

  1. Kari F says:

    Well said. So glad you said what myself, and I imagine many others, have been thinking!

  2. B1gJ4k3 says:

    Very much agreed. It’s become about the act of protesting and just getting in the way at this point. They don’t even seem to have a message anymore other than “We’re mad about stuff!” Their message is completely getting lost because they’re just protesting to protest and being obnoxious assholes about it. The Portland local news even had to move their report this morning because the protestors were harassing they couldn’t do their jobs.

    Maybe the reason you don’t have a job is that you dress like you’re homeless, smoke weed all day and complain about how you don’t have any money via Twitter for your iPad while drinking a Starbucks? Instead of being so self-entitled, why don’t you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, stop blaming other people for you problems and admit that you got yourself into this mess.

    There are just so many reasons why those people are total idiots…

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