SoMe provided a first (for me)

In March 2011 I made a decision that changed (or more likely revealed to me) the course of the next chapter of my life. I was faced with some challenges and frustrated by things beyond my control. At first I panicked. Big time. But I took a few days to regroup. I listened – really listened – to some heartfelt and honest advice from some dear friends. I took a deep breath. More than once!

It took months. During which my mother had a medical crisis that took many weeks to overcome. Hard work, frustrations, at times wanting to give up. But I didn’t. This was my dream. One of the few things I truly wanted. And so I did it. Without knowing if there was a net to catch me.

I leapt.

I bit my nails to the quick (figuratively) prior to that first visit. I sweated the small stuff, as we all do. But the visit netted me a, “Yes!” and a great new friendship was born.

I say, “friendship” for a reason. Prior to this visit, I only knew Jason via Twitter. We’d never met in real life. But one day we were “chatting” back and forth about his friend who had a booth at a local home and garden improvement show. He suggested to his Twitter followers that we go see his friend’s booth. I mentioned that I’d love to but I didn’t have anything to make improvements to. He said, simply, “I can help you with that.”

Well, the conversation continued along other lines that evening, light and humorous and without further remarks along that particular vein. But his simple, honest comment stuck.

A few days later I visited his blog, I liked that he was real. Not a dude in a fancy suit in a polished office just waiting to cash in on the commission. A suit who did not give a moment’s notice to ME. To what I wanted/needed/had fears about. Who only wanted to snare the next client for the proverbial notch in the bedpost.

And he said yes to my request. So. Now that I had that endorsement, what about finding, “the one?” I can Google with the best of them. So what. This was not going to find me what I was truly looking for. (Re)Enter the Ninja. He knew of a guy in my area of town who could possibly be the type of person I’d like working with. He suggested (and by no means endorsed) Mike. And he was right. (I looked at his blog that evening, too. 🙂

Mike, as it turned out, felt exactly as I did about the whole thing. He wasn’t someone who “found” a few options for his client and said, “Here you go. I’ve done what I do. Now pick one, dammit!!” If he had been, our business relationship would have lasted about 3 hours at best. (I’m a comparison shopper, after all. 😉 )

As it turned out, the interaction between Mike and I lasted over 9 months for this endeavor. Dozens of possibilities were considered. More than a few were worthy of a, “Hello!!”, a serious head scratch, or worse, a shocked gasp (which I came to realize meant a post or photo on Mike’s Twitter stream or blog). A couple were simply not even worth going through the door.

And then…

It happened. This one said hello. Yes, I compromised on some stuff. Don’t we all? But the yeses were way more than the nos. And it’s just right for my first foray.

A great big thank you goes out to so many people. My friends, Lisa and Christy, for their ears, their supportive words, their love for me, their belief that I could and would do this. My mom who believed in my dream without question. My now and always friend, Jason. And my now and always friend, Mike.

Thank you.

Last week I bought my first house. And I am able to dream again.

That is all.

Carry on.

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4 Responses to SoMe provided a first (for me)

  1. l.a.b. photography says:

    Not only can you dream again, but, you are worthy of that dream. Always have been. Love you Barbara. Hurry up and move in so we can come visit!!!!!!

  2. Wow Barbara! That is the most amazing thing I can imagine anyone saying about me and what I do. It was an absolute treat to get to know you over the course of this process. I am so thrilled that the way I feel about our relationship is mutual. I am almost speechless. Almost 😉 If I was, I wouldn’t be me LOL

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Nancy P says:

    I am so happy for you! Congrats congrats congrats!

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