Fourth of July 2013

Sunburned scalp, arms, face. One parade watched, cheers for the participants, people, businesses, horses (the massive Clydesdales, right??) and then the miniature ones! They’re so damn cute!!

Got a kick out of the marching bands, police vehicles, vintage cars – or the newer Tesla (never mind who the “celebrity” was in that car.)

I totally geeked out when the motorcycle cops did their thing, and then again when the bag pipers came by. I do love bagpipes.

Pictures were taken, and all was enjoyed with some very dear friends. Oh, and a bit of a crispiness on the tops of my feet, too.

Then, an ever so tasty grilled lunch with said dear friends, Kate and Brent, and their littles.

Tonight, among all the noise and crazy firecrackers in my neighborhood, I lit my traditional sparklers (yes, I’m SUCH a risk taker and SOOOO exciting…) My dogs really did great. I was happily surprised. G is just about completely deaf now, so he could care less. R and O did well and just flicked their ears a bit throughout the evening. Of course, they were glued to my lap the whole time. I believe that snuggle time with “Mama” helped. 😉 So, I’m calling this Fourth of July a success. Thank you, my friends, for a truly enjoyable and wonderful day.

To all, Happy Fourth. And here’s to a relaxing Fifth, right??!! 😉

All this?


Carry on.

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