Bucket List

Go back to Paris/Hawaii/Yellowstone/Vancouver BC/the San Juan Islands/Seattle/New Orleans/New York City…

Learn Italian

… aaand then go to Italy 😉

Go to Ireland and get lost in the beauty – and the accent

Stand within the circle of an ancient stone dance and hear the stones sing

See the wonder of Niagara Falls

Learn American Sign Language

Paint en plein air on the Oregon coast

Take more painting classes

Have an art showing (ok, more than one would be even better…)

Take baking classes with an amazing pastry chef (yet to be determined who, but they’ve gotta be good)

Get buried under a pile of happy puppies – and hope none of them pee on me. But the kisses and sweet puppy breath would be worth it…

And then, who knows? We’ll see, won’t we?

Carry on.

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