Some Thoughts on Job Searching in an Online Era

As someone who is way too familiar with job searching lately, I miss the old days. In today’s world where everything is done online and there is no human interaction, the entire process is so discouraging. I’ve been at this over a year and a half now and have submitted hundreds of resumes, completed hundreds of online applications. In all this time, I have had only four actual interviews. Four.

The electronic process has removed the personality of both the job seeker and the hiring company from the equation. A scan of my resume by some word searching software does not allow either side to learn about the person. I might not have a specific word or phrase in my document, but that does not mean I cannot perform that task or be taught to do so. I recently read an article that suggested that companies hire for compatible personality first, skills second, because a job function/task can be learned. I know this can backfire and will not always result in the right fit for either the applicant or the employer, but it makes sense to me on a larger scale.

Another thought: How about at least responding to an applicant? Even if it is with an auto-response email, acknowledge that the application/resume was received. And later, if the applicant is not to be considered, let them know. Knowing that sending my resume out into the ether will not even merit a response time and time again is disheartening, to say the least.

Well, gotta run. Have a few more applications to submit yet today…

Carry on.

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