I’m Hungry

No, I don’t mean for a cheeseburger and fries. Although that actually sounds good right about now… I’m hungry for a change. I want to tick a thing or two off my bucket list, to broaden my “skills” as an artist, to learn to improvise more when baking, that sort of thing. I won’t even go into the whole job search and what I’m hoping for thing, not this time, anyway.

So… I enrolled in college the other day. It’s too late to figure out things for a class or three this term, including financial aid, which is necessary due to my current employment status. But once I do have that figured out, I plan to take and place emphasis on painting and other art classes – and ASL. And other things, I imagine. I haven’t yet outlined a plan for how I want to proceed with this, whether it’s a full course to a degree or if it’s more random and specifically focused on making art.

We shall see.

Carry on.

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