A Visit to the Sea

I took a drive earlier this week. Just decided on the spur of the moment to hit the road and go visit the sea. Sorry, Mom, I didn’t tell you or stop by. It was for me that day, for clearing my mind and for taking a breath in the midst of all the things weighing on my mind right now.

I drove over to the coast, then went north for a while. I stopped at a favorite place, went down to the beach, and breathed in the salty spray, saw the mist come off the waves as they rolled in. Accepted the bit of healing that the sea always gifts me with. While there, I remembered a time I visited the same spot many years ago. A young man was there and had climbed up onto a rise above the path to the beach. He had a flute with him and he also had a sage smudge. It was the beginning of the sunset that day. As I watched from a ways away, so as not to intrude, he smudged the air and then played down the sun with a haunting tune that brought First Nations music to mind. It was one of most beautiful experiences I have ever had. It still brings the sting of tears to my eyes and a wonderful swelling of love for the beautiful place where we both were. As the sun finally set and the music faded, I slowly turned and walked back to my car that day, knowing I’d been given the gift of a simple, precious moment.

“The sea consists of only water drops, dunes of tiny grains of sand, and time of simple precious moments.” ~ Unknown

Carry on.

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One Response to A Visit to the Sea

  1. l.a.b. photography says:

    My heart sings knowing you had those experiences then and now and that you took the time for yourself and went to a peaceful, restorative place. And thanks for sharing with us! All my love to you dear friend.

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