On Watching Cooking Shows

This means I’m always hungry! I am watching a couple of folks make chocolate cake in a cooking competition right this minute and dammit, I want some!

I can cook and cook well. I just don’t have that *thing* that true chefs have where they can haul a dish out of their minds at the drop of the hat. I just don’t know automatically what goes with what. Give me a recipe and you bet it’ll be good when I’m done, just don’t ask me to create the recipe… 

I hate this limitation. I’ve wanted to be “that” kind of cook as long as I can remember. Ah, well. I’ll leave that to those who are and will continue my Pinterest obsession with pinning recipes I will likely never make. But, remember, taking baking classes is on my bucket list, so maybe one day I’ll get a little closer to where I’ve always longed to be.

And I still want some chocolate cake. With a big ol’ scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top! 😉

Carry on.

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