Ah, Politics

Lawd, I hate the ads!! They don’t tell me anything, just slam their opponent, and just make me mad. I do NOT care what YOUR side wants me to believe about THEIR side!! Tell me what YOU plan to do. Although, sadly, I’m jaded and pretty much don’t believe them when/if they were to actually do do that. It’s smoke and mirrors. “I’ll say what a poll somewhere has told my team what the people want to hear – whether or not I actually intend to do that thing is another story.”

Rarely, if ever, have I seen any advertising campaign by a candidate that does not go on the attack anymore. Politicians, this does not, and has never, worked for me. I don’t believe either of you. If I could write in a snappy little 12 year old kid who says it like it is and then goes out and shows that he/she would actually act on their words, I’d do it!

Well, carry on. I’ll be over here being grumpy. And eating Nutella straight out of the jar.

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