My, What a Colorful Aura You Have

Ok, this one might be a bit “out there”… but it is something that I’ve thought about for a long time. Years.

I believe that, when we were young children, we could see a lot more than we let ourselves see now. We hadn’t yet been taught that such things simply were not there, were, in fact, impossible. I know, queue the mystical harps and flutes, crystal balls and scrying mirrors, right? But seriously, can you reach back well into your earliest memories and remember the colors? Well, I can. They were there, at least for me. I had a rather rough first few years, and my first memory, as confirmed by my mother, was when I was 7 months old. I was in the hospital and had just had yet another surgery. I saw people through the bars of my crib; Mom, other family, nurses, etc. And each of them had a color around them.

Yes, I’m serious.

I don’t truly recall what colors were there – and likely I was in a medicated-baby fog, but it remains a firm part of that memory. It’s not the only memory I have where I saw the colors, it’s just the first. And the other memories were not influenced by a medicated fog.

Sometimes I still see them. No, I’m not in a medicated fog now, either. I’ve just decided to believe again.

Carry on.

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