Knitting Cables

So, I finally decided to teach myself how to knit cables. Mor Mor would say, if she were still here in physical presence, “What took you so long?!” I got out a skein of yarn. Went to the store and bought cable hooks. Found a simple pattern that says it’s “easy” and for “advanced beginners”. I’m not a beginner knitter, I’ve just not yet learned how to knit cables, so I figure this is about right.

Sat down this evening to get started. Got my yarn, the cable hooks, the pattern pulled up on the laptop. Aaaand… no knitting needles. Yep, I neglected to get them today (I have needles, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t have the right size required for this project).

Well, shoot. Ok, let’s step back and check out some other patterns. There are many, and every single one I lit upon that would be something I’d want to make – yep, you guessed it, they all require needle sizes I do not have.

So, that’s that. No cable knitting today. Back to the craft store tomorrow, needle requirements in hand.

But the yarn I chose is pretty, and should work up in the pattern I originally chose nicely. I have so much yarn I will need to live to be 167 years old in order to use it all up. Of course, that’s only if I never, ever buy another skein in that time period. Uh huh, like THAT’S gonna happen.

To be continued…

Carry on.

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