I Had One Job…

I had one job to do today. Whatever else I went out and did during my “get out of the house and exist amongst the people” effort, I had to get dog food. After their breakfast this morning, there was literally no food left.

I didn’t do my job. I got home with a few groceries, some odds and ends, and no dog food. Those three pairs of eyes looked at me as I entered the house and they were so full of hope, happiness, love – and hunger!

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?  ~Winnie the Pooh


The pups looked at me again and I could tell they were less than pleased… “You had ONE JOB, Mama! ONE STINKIN’ JOB! But no…” So, I turned around, went back out, and got dog food.

Alas, all is back in alignment in our little corner of the world, and my dogs love me again.

Carry on.

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