I don’t (or at most, rarely) talk politics or religion. My thoughts are my own and I will research, study and act accordingly. Many people don’t feel this way. No big, it’s their choice and their right to be outspoken, to voice their opinions, whether or not I agree with them, obviously.

The reason I so rarely engage in conversations of this nature outside of those held with people I know well, is because some folks are so convinced that they are right and you, me, anyone not in their same school of thought, are wrong, and will rip the individual who dares question them to shreds. Boggy ground, that. Thankfully, I’ve been gifted with a lot of friends – of great and varying beliefs – who offer their thoughts without judgement and do so with full respect between us. I have some amazing people in my life.

I honor and respect other peoples’ points of view. I have mine and wish to be respected in the same way, whether or not our views are the same. And yes, I have had some conversations, most all of which were held with that mutual respect. Some weren’t, as alluded to above. So…

Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own.  You may both be wrong.  ~ Unknown

Think about it.

Carry on.

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One Response to Judgement

  1. thenoveilst says:

    You are absolutely right and love the quote. I offer this link in the same spirit, simply because of the ethos of your post. It’s rare insights into ancient, yet timeless Vedic wisdom of erstwhile India. http://vedabase.com/en
    All the best 🙂

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