A Morning with a Calf

One day last week I went over to the coast to my mom’s to take care of some business. As usual, driving through the valley along the coast, I saw herds of cows in the fields (yay, Tillamook Cheese and ice cream!), and I was reminded of something that happened several years ago, also at my mom’s.

I had stayed over for a few days and one morning, as I was rinsing my breakfast dishes, I glanced out the window over the sink. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Standing right beside the road, across the side street, was a cow. Well, a calf, actually. Probably between 6 and 9 months old. Now, one should know that my mom’s house is NOT next to any of the dairy farms in the area. She lives in town, miles away from any livestock.

So, there it was. Just standing in the grassy edge of the road, looking around and flicking its ears. A few cars passed by, slowed, then kept going. After I got over the surprise of what I was seeing, I headed for the door and across the lawn and street. Yep, it was true. A little (little is relative here) light brown baby cow staring right at me. AWW!

Now what do I do??? The calf did have an ID tag attached to one of its ears, but the info it provided meant nothing to me. I didn’t even know who to call to find out.  Luckily enough, others in the neighborhood had also caught sight of this calf and had joined me. In this group of people were some who were associated with local farmers, and someone called someone else, etc. Before long, a young woman and her father arrived with a nursing bottle specifically designed for the calf to be able to nurse. That baby went to town on that contraption! These people weren’t the owners but they were able to identify who was based on the tag in the calf’s ear, and the owner showed up before much longer with a trailer, loaded up the calf, and away it went, back home to mama.

We never did find out how that calf ended up in the middle of town on the side of the road, miles away from home. Folks speculated that he/she was likely taken by some people as a prank, then dumped when they realized they had no idea what to do with it.

That calf had the longest eyelashes. And enormous teeth!

I named that calf MoonPie. Never did tell anyone that, but I did.

Carry on.

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One Response to A Morning with a Calf

  1. Jean says:

    MoonPie was more likely 3 months old. I remember this, too.

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