Years ago, I used to work with a very successful and prosperous person who just happened to root around in the fridge in the employee lounge and take bits and pieces from whatever lunch bags that were in it. Usually, she’d take an item out and call it her own, noshing until it was gone. Frequently, she would take a bite of a piece of fruit or a sandwich and then put the bitten item back in the bag and move on. What’s even worse is that she appeared to have no problem doing this IN FRONT OF people!

I was reminded of this person earlier today, not because someone did the same thing, but because I witnessed what I thought of as an equally inconsiderate and rude action. The perpetrator was a stranger to me, as was the victim, but it still made me angry and sad.

But, as this action reminded me of this long ago experience, I had to take a step back. I realized I needed to let go of the oddness and rudeness of my former co-worker’s actions and understand and accept that there was some other underlying issue. I will never know what that is, and that the issue is not important. I realized I – I – need to open my mind and my way of thinking to work on understanding and accepting that there are these differences among us.

So, I shall.

Carry on.

No, this action today was not related to the experiences I had with the person years ago, and did not affect me personally, but I had to stop and remember that. And I had to search deeper and realize, no, understand, that the actions that I found offensive and rude were likely a matter of trained self-preservation for that former co-worker. I cannot imagine that she

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