Spelling and Other Things

Long ago and far, far (OK, not that far) away, I was once in the graphic design (I’m being, well, generous using that term) business. You know, business ID packages, flyers, programs, brochures, resumes, even the odd funeral program or wedding invitations. I tell you this because, while I am not great at punctuation (understatement much?), I can inevitably find errors in spelling, alignment, incorrect words, and so forth, in things that I read, such as menus, &c.

This drives me CRAZY.

Let me tell you, I don’t need any help with the crazy! Just sayin’.

But, I must admit that I only just saw an error in a novel I’ve read probably a half dozen times already. What?! I’ve lost my touch! I’m so ashamed.

I also obsess over the incorrect use of the apostrophe. Same with words like they’re, there and their, and your and you’re. It’s a curse.

Unrelated: This arrived today.



Carry on.

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