On Voting

Tonight, as I watched the various election results roll in, some I was happy for, some not so much, I found myself reminiscing on elections past. Since I came of age, I have never missed an opportunity to vote in an election. Sometimes I come out ahead with my choices, sometimes I don’t, as do we all. As I grew older, I paid more attention to what I was voting on, studied the voter’s pamphlet more deeply, etc., but I’ve never paid attention to the ads on TV or sent in the mail. Smoke and mirrors, that. I don’t claim to be very good at this whole thing, I’m certainly not as knowledgeable as some are, nor to I ever think I will be, but it has become more important that I try. That I continue to “make my voice heard” in this game.

These days, while my life in such an uncertain and unstable place, what’s going on in the political arena is even more pressing.

This right, this responsibility, is vitally important to me, and I exercise it with gratitude that I HAVE this right.

I voted. Did you?

Carry on.

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