I met Tyson today. Tyson, the small stature 2 year old, gorgeous, completely ADORABLE pit bull. Just a random thing as he and his people were next to me in the parking lot at the store. As I got out of my SUV, he poked his head out of the open back door of his person’s SUV and gave me a glance. I asked his “mom” if I could say hello and she allowed it. Tyson let me love on him for the longest time, tail wagging so hard. Tyson is very good at drooling, FYI. A sweetheart is Tyson!! I love him! I didn’t get a photo, but I sure did get the warm fuzzies in my heart.

Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones

After the scare of Gunter falling down the stairs – again! – this morning (he shook it off and is OK, I on the other had, am still a bit jittery…), and meeting Tyson this afternoon, folks, if you have furry family members, give them some extra lovin’ this evening, OK? Because my old boy is getting more and more feeble and showing signs of becoming disoriented at times, and dogs of Tyson’s breed are still so very much misunderstood.

Carry on.

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