Snowpocalypse! SNOMG! Or something…

Local weather forecasters are predicting anything from 1/2 a foot of snow and ice to, well, next to nothing, for tomorrow morning. I figure I’ll see what it really is when I get up and look out the window (my usual weather source). All I know is that is sure is brisk outside!

But, just in case we do have the worst case scenario develop, I went to the grocery store this afternoon to stock up a little. I got:

  • Various things to cook (duh)
  • Cheese, because cheese
  • Bacon (see previous remark, only insert “bacon”)
  • Baking supplies (also duh)

Oh, and a decent bottle of Merlot.

There you go. Or, rather, *I* go.

Stay cozy, my friends.

Carry on.

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