I Survived!

I made it through the Snopocalypse!

Oh, wait. What I actually made it through was the SNOthing. Although, likely if I were to step outside right now, I’d slip and slide down the driveway on my tuches due to the icy conditions. Because, you know, rain. Not snow. Although, it was rain mixed with sleet… And now it’s below freezing, hence the slip and slide.

I am on the west side of the PDX metro. Places to the east and beyond got the brunt and are still getting it. Hang in there, y’all! In all seriousness, there were (and still are) areas of concern, where snow did fall, ice formed, and precautions were and are rightfully being taken.

At least I ate well today and baked a couple of things. And I’m now enjoying a glass of that decent Merlot.

Carry on.

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