Happy Birthday, Gunter!

Taking a bit of a different path from the last couple of posts. Well, because today, my old man pup Gunter is 17 years old. I’ve been his person since he was 8 weeks old. Although I am so very much enjoying my current adventure, I’m also sad that I’m away from him right now, but today I did get to talk to the folks who have him in their care. They promised to give him extra lovin’s today on my behalf and in honor of his birthday.

I have so many more pictures of Gunter when he first came to be in my life. Alas, this was 17 years ago and technology wasn’t what it is now… I should dig out some photos and scan and share. Meanwhile, here are a few from across the years.

With a cameo by Ruby… 😉

Photo0447 Photo0522_001 Photo0959 IMAG0589 IMAG3265 IMAG0735 IMG_20120414_163059 IMAG5927IMAG5946 IMAG5952 IMAG4810

Gunter, my sweet boy (OK, my very grumpy boy, let’s be honest), Happy 17th birthday. Here’s hoping you will still be here for a while yet. I love you, G.

Carry on.

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