My Capitol Adventure Continues

Today, courtesy of Congressman Schrader’s staff, we took a tour of the Capitol building. But prior to that, we went to the Library of Congress. I sort of geeked out over the architectural details… The floor mosaics were stunning, the stained glass windows in the ceiling: beautiful. Everything is marble, granite, sandstone, quartz. You name a rock, it’s here in the District!

A bit of the Library of Congress:





The Gutenberg Bible


The Capitol Building:


Star in the center of the Capitol building, from which all streets in the original District of Columbia radiated from. Also, it’s over a crypt that was built to hold the remains of President Washington and First Lady Martha Washington. It remains empty, as the Washingtons did not wish to be buried anywhere but Virginia. They were laid to rest on the grounds of their home, Mt. Vernon, in Virginia.



The dome of the Rotunda is covered in protective netting while the entire dome, inside and out, is being restored. The outside is covered in scaffolding. The draping was applied in such a way as to allow people to still see the direct center of the dome inside.

IMG_3932 IMG_3958
IMG_3972 IMG_3965 IMG_3926 IMG_3967 IMG_3978

So much more to go into, way more photos. For now, I leave you with these. Some need no words.

Carry on.

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