No Big D.C. Adventure Today, Unless…

…You consider going to Costco the day before Thanksgiving an adventure. Which it was, but getting there right as they’re opening helps. Even on the day before Thanksgiving. So, all provisions are obtained for home, my sister got the last bits for the requested chicken fajitas she’ll prepare for her store staff on Black Friday – and all 3 shopping carts of food and supplies were delivered to her office this afternoon after my mom, myself and my sister sliced, diced, marinated, schlepped, got rained on, got snowed on, froze, thawed. Froze again. But hey, fajitas! And there will also be cookies. 😀

This evening my niece and niece-in-law arrived from Philadelphia. So thankful to get to enjoy this Thanksgiving with them, as well. I last saw them a couple years ago when they visited the PNW. While we caught up, my brother-in-law, with help from my sister, got started on the prep for tomorrow. I thought about pitching in, but I soon realized that I would be in the way and decided to settle in and catch up with my nieces. What a joy that was!

No new photos today. Here are a few more from the past few days. Just about walked my feet off this past week… Happily so.

IMG_3675IMG_3682 IMG_3692 IMG_3730 IMG_3825 IMG_3832

Carry on.

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