More Wonders on my Adventure

Yesterday, my nieces and I spent the afternoon together. We went to the National Portrait Gallery, also part of the Smithsonian, and what a wonderful place it is. The exhibits were fantastic. I especially enjoyed “Face Value: Portraiture in the Age of Abstraction” which was the exhibit my niece was excited about. My interest was piqued when we walked into the first room. I have to admit, of all the wonderful paintings and pieces I saw yesterday, my favorite one was a part of that specific exhibit.

I took no photos of the special exhibits, for that isn’t allowed. I did take a few of one of the rooms of the Gallery, however. This room was where Lincoln held his second inaugural ball.

IMAG6101 IMAG6102 IMAG6103 IMAG6104

Additionally, there was a simply stunning atrium at the Gallery. It is enormous! The very contemporary glass roof over the space is done in such a way that it compliments rather than detracts from the building itself, which was built in the mid 1800s.

Today, several of us went to Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. I got a bit happy over seeing the Colonial architecture, the row houses, the shutters, the — OK, well all of it. We also went to an old torpedo factory that has been converted into a space for artists. The space has been divided into a few hundred open studio spaces where artists can both display and create their works.

I want to live in that building.


More to come!!

Carry on.

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