What a Pack of Dogs!

The past couple of weeks I’ve had a different dog pack in my world. Mine are patiently awaiting my return, at least that’s what their caregivers tell me… But for now, I’ve got the Beagle Brigade!

The beagles, they are wonderful! And loud. And crazy. And… wonderful.

They are Cody, Jake, Tucker and Duncan. My sister and brother-in-law have had beagles for many years. The predecessors to the current pack were Corkie and Sam (Samantha). I never was a beagle person – until Corkie and Sam. 17 years ago when I first got Gunter (a dachshund) as an 8 week old puppy, I took him with me when I visited my sister. Corkie was a youngster, but he really took that baby under his paw. I have photos, alas I cannot share since they’re not here for me to scan.

The current pack is hilarious. Tucker cries and sings when someone gets home – it is as if his heart was being displayed for all to see, he sounds so mournful! Yet, he is not sad!! He’s thrilled that his person is home and he can’t wait for that person to come through the door! That pup cracks me up.

Jake is a bit like me. What he likes best is to snuggle under a blanket and snooze! LOL!

Cody is the old man of the bunch. He likes to sit and veg, but he also likes to go into the puppy pocket bed and be cozy. But don’t get me wrong, Cody can hold his own with the singing and barking!

Duncan is the youngest of the pack. Boy, is he a pistol! He is a gorgeous brown beagle and he can jump!! I forgot something in the house one day when we were leaving, and when I came back inside, there he was, up on the breakfast table (which happens to be bar height!), just looking at me like I was an intruder! Crafty pup! Don’t leave anything edible on the counter unless you are prepared for it to be gone when you get home…

These four have such amazing and varying personalities. I’ve missed my three during this adventure, but I have not suffered from a lack of puppy snuggles and happiness. I will be leaving soon, but I have to admit that I can’t wait to return to this pack for more.

Exchanged one pack for another. Temporarily. :) Clockwise from top: Duncan, Tucker, Cody and Jake

Exchanged one pack for another. Temporarily. 🙂
Clockwise from top: Duncan, Tucker, Cody and Jake

Carry on.

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