Tasks, Chores, and Other Stuff

One shouldn’t have to break into a sweat when filling out an online job application. Then I remembered that the fireplace was on and it had gotten too toasty in here… Next!

Today has been full of little things, such as a run to the grocery store to replenish the fridge I let get pretty empty before my trip, a run to the recycling drop-off location as part of my Spring-cleaning-in-Fall project, changing the batteries in all the smoke detectors since a couple of them started beeping in dying protest yesterday, several of those aforementioned job applications, and more Spring cleaning. Progress.

Tomorrow: a trip to the library to print a couple of job apps (yes, some places are still paper driven, #gasp) since I don’t have any ink for my printer, and taking my old wireless router to Comcast to get a new one so I can re-secure the connection I screwed up a few weeks ago.  Also, I believe I’ll start tackling my studio tomorrow. I’ve mainly been working downstairs, but my creativity has suffered for some time now because I don’t have an organized space in which to create. Supplies are willy nilly, it’s cluttered, it needs some love. I’ve missed the spontaneity I usually have when it comes to my art making or crafting, and I also miss the feeling of being able to start a project easily when I have a plan and an idea brewing, spontaneously or not. I get frustrated and then I walk away rather than start to create, because of that frustration.

Change is afoot!

Carry on.

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