Irony, Regular Life, Other Things

Earlier this evening I saw a news report about a couple of houses, located in a beach community on the Washington coast, being washed away into the ocean. The name of the community? Washaway Beach. I kid you not.

What should have been the first clue when considering placing their homes there? Hmm…

In other news, I have obtained a new cable box and new WiFi modem. I hardly swore at all when getting everything set up and attached and activated. Go me. Now, my internet is faster, my TV displays HD nicely, and I got my monthly bill reduced. Nothing wrong with that.

Also, new phone has been obtained. Old one was about to be thrown through a window, I was that frustrated with it. The new one is humongous. But I did the pocket test and it fits, so there you go. No savings there, but now if some potential employer does decide to call me, the call won’t be dropped or simply not ring through anymore. Now all I need is for that potential employer to actually call me…

Today, as I hoisted the mains’l and simply let the wind and rain swamped streets propel my vehicle to my various destinations, I did get that one paper application printed and filled out – you know, the old fashioned way, with pen and ink, and it will be delivered tomorrow.

Dear Diary,

That’s it for today’s entry. Now, I’m hungry and I do believe I shall have nachos.

Carry on.

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