Revisiting My Trip to D.C.

Today, Mother Nature did her best, with a pretty strong wind storm, to blow the PNW into the middle of the US. From what I can see on the news and in my own neck of the woods, she did a fairly good job… While the wind raged, I ran some errands, then did some work here at home, continuing my organizing and Spring-in-Fall cleaning.

This evening I revisited the photos I took while on my recent trip.

I got home from my first ever Washington D.C./surroundings trip a week ago today. I am already missing being there and must admit I fell a bit in love with the area. Already, I’m wishing I could go back, for there is so much more to see and do. Also, I had such a great visit with my sister and family, which is part of the draw I feel.

I’ve shared most of these photos in previous posts, but as I was browsing through them tonight I decided to kind of do a recap. Here are some – ok, a lot – of my favorite ones. I did not add captions or even separate them based on location, I simply added them to the post. I hope you enjoy.

(All photos are mine and may not be used or reproduced without my permission.)


Carry on.

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