A Small Bit of D.C.’s Chinatown

This morning I had a lovely brunch with a dear friend, during which we caught up on each other’s goings on. My friend is an amazing photographer, so I apologized for the influx of pitiful photos I’ve posted lately, showing the places I visited and the things I saw on my vacation. She brushed that aside and told me to keep it up, she really liked them and wanted to see more.

I offered to take her temperature and drive her to Urgent Care… (just kidding, but seriously!)

So, Lisa, tonight’s set of photos are your fault! 😉

These photos were quickly taken with my phone, at night, so the light and quality are worse than normal, but they were fun images to capture. These are inserted into the old brick sidewalks of Chinatown in D.C.

IMAG6084 IMAG6086 IMAG6087 IMAG6085 IMAG6080

Carry on.

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