Visiting the US Capitol Building

I’ve shared photos of the Capitol building previously, and wanted to include a few more. The Capitol Visitor Center is an enormous place, which includes Emancipation Hall. In the Hall are many sculptures, and I’ve included photos of a few of them below.

This photo is taken from the Capitol Visitor Center, looking up through the huge glass ceiling at the scaffolding-clad Dome, which is topped by the Statue of Freedom.IMAG6076

The original plaster model of the Statue of Freedom. Ironically, the final bronze (which is on top of the dome) was worked on by enslaved laborers. Philip Reid, the slave in charge of the final production, was emancipated shortly before the final installation.

This is a sculpture of Helen Keller. Of the numerous sculptures in Emancipation Hall, this is the only one visitors are allowed to touch, in respect for Ms. Keller’s blindness and deafness. The informational plaques on the base are in both written text and Braille. IMG_3902IMG_3903

Sacajawea IMG_3908

There are so many more, alas I would have to stay a month just to capture them all.


Carry on.

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