Ducks, Buckeyes and Cinnamon Chips

Big sports day around these parts. Since I have no allegiance to either the Ducks or the Buckeyes (or any other team, for that matter), I’ll go with the team from my state.

Go Ducks!

OK, that’s out of the way. 🙂

I found some cinnamon chips!! Tomorrow I shall make the cinnamon cake!! I can’t wait to taste it again.


Took a drug screen test today – for a JOB! It’s part-time, but it’s a step in the door and sure beats the hell out of a zero-time job, yes? YES! It’s a relief to have even this limited opportunity to look forward to, and to build upon, to regain some of my footing in this world. It’s a start, and a welcome one.

This also means I can start baking more regularly again. Because, you see, I love to bake and rarely do it because, well, I’d eat it all! So, instead, I’ll bake and take it to work to share.

Alright, Ducks, win this thing. Cinnamon chips, be prepared. Job, I’m looking forward to you.

Carry on.

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