Humanity and Kindness

The cinnamon cake is delicious!! No photo because, well, it looked exactly like the one I posted on Monday… So, take my word.

My tummy is most happy.

I witnessed a lovely kindness today. I had to go to the store for a forgotten ingredient for the cake, and while there I saw an elderly gentleman struggling to get his cart to cooperate, and to try and place a large home goods item into it. I was far enough down the aisle that I knew he’d either finish or give up before I got there to help. As I headed his direction anyway, a young man, early to mid twenties (yes, given my age this is a ‘young’ person), came into the aisle and immediately assisted the gentleman with the item. You know, sometimes it’s the simplest of things that help keep us believing in humanity. I know I’ve posted other acts of caring and kindness here, and, sadly?, they still sometimes surprise me. Too often, I see these opportunities to help our fellow man go unanswered, ignored, even snickered at. I, myself, have been disregarded when I needed that extra hand, so I understand when it’s needed and when it is offered – or not. I recall a time when I had fallen and injured my face and my leg. I needed to get some things at the store and had to use the motorized cart to get around the store, due to my leg injury. When I went to check out, the clerk did not bother to offer the help of someone to take my purchases out to the car, even as I couldn’t contain my gasp of pain when I had to stand up to use the debit card machine. Did I mention that one of the items I bought that day was a CANE? Other times, offers of help to the car have been made even when the only item I bought was a package of paper towels. Hmm.

Back to today’s experience. Intrigued, and finished with my selections, I headed toward the checkout stand. The elderly gentleman was ahead of me, not by any kind of design. But what really struck me was that the young man had stayed with him, a complete stranger, and after the gentleman paid for his purchase, the young man, having spoken to his partner (she continued to shop after nodding with a smile), stayed at his side to go outside and assist him with getting the item into his car.

Belief in humanity refreshed.

Carry on.

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2 Responses to Humanity and Kindness

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Great post! 🙂

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