A Very Long Day

I earned this Ben & Jerry’s!!

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.
~Don Kardong

One more day and I start working again! That’s a plus, in my book. Maternal parental unit is in the hospital, but prognosis is good for things to correct themselves without surgical intervention (hence my date with Messrs Ben and Jerry.) The to and fro trips visiting her in the hospital this evening happened between some of the more massive rain falls, also a plus. Rain, dark and driving are not a fun combo for me. Right now, the rain sounds like it’s trying to drill its way through the walls!! Eep!

I’ve only had about 3 hours of sleep since yesterday morning. A bit punchy at this point… Oh, well. Not like anyone could tell the difference. 😉

OK, stick a fork in me…

Carry on.

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