First Day and Last Day (both good things)

First day of the new job is done. Standard stuff, some interesting, some less so, as all new job orientations have. So glad for this new opportunity!

Last day of Mom being in the hospital! She’s home and doing very well. So grateful. Many thanks to friends Dave and Danielle, who immediately answered my frantic call late Friday night after I heard from the paramedics, and who right away went to meet her at the hospital, and kept me informed via texts for the next few hours. Grateful for them again today as they came to town to visit her, finding out after arriving that she had been discharged – and needed a ride back over the mountain to home, while I was at work and unable to take her. They took her home and settled her in.

Today was a good day.

Carry on.

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One Response to First Day and Last Day (both good things)

  1. lgrinaker says:

    I agree, Barbara: Good things…

    Here’s to your new job and to your Mom’s health.

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