Random Thoughts from Today

We in the U.S. call almost all kinds of cake, “cake.” Yes, there are flavors and varieties, but we generically just say cake. In England “cake” seems to be generically referred to as “sponge.” No worries. So, what do folks in England call, well, sponges? I wonder.

How come German Shepherds are built to have that crouch in their hind legs?

Why are some Corgies built with a tail and some aren’t?

Who in the way back decided to eat an egg? And then how did they manage to get the rest of you suckers to think it was a good idea? (I kid, I kid! Kinda.) 😉

How come the foods that are the most appealing are the worst for us? You know, like cake.

Think about it.

Carry on.

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