Fun With Malware

Holy malware nightmare, Batman! I’m surprised I still have hairs on my head, and that my teeth haven’t been ground down to nubs… And that my dogs haven’t left me for someone else. Someone like the customer at work today who grills ribs for his dogs every day. Grills. Ribs. Every. Day. With sauce. For his dogs. I kid you not.

I digress.

I do believe I’ve cleaned it up. This time. Again. Oh, Windows (or whatever the cause of the mess is), you milquetoast, you. Grow a spine, won’t you? Please?

Now I’m hungry. See also: stabby.

  • stabby: adjective \stab-ee\¬†describing feelings of hostility or mean temper, usually related to misfortune or high stress.

I believe I shall go have some cheese.

Carry on.

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