Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

70 years. Never again.

Flour and Thread

Yesterday, my sister, mom and I decided to stay clear of the District and just get out and enjoy a beautiful day. So, wine tasting it was! This photo of the first vineyard we visited isn’t great, but the house (built in the late 1700s) was a joy to see.  We had a really lovely day in beautiful weather, as the blue sky shows. Turns out a lot of grapes/juices are being brought in from Washington state to the Virginia area winemakers, due to a lack of grapes in this area right now.


Today, we went to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving where paper money is printed. Definitely zero photos allowed there! 😉

The thing that struck me the most from today’s adventures was our trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. We all know the history, the atrocities, the stories of those who hid and rescued the Jews in so many…

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