Sleep, Early Hours, K9s, Remember

Me, earlier: Yay! It’s time for the 10:00 news, then I can go to bed! Only I looked at the clock and it was 6:00…. This early to rise thing I’ve got going on is painful.

Ah, well. It’s worth it. And is, I have to admit, getting a little (stress on ‘little’) easier each day.

This morning, as I stood in the dark, waiting for the doors to open at work, I noticed a couple of police cars parked farther down the lot. Suddenly, one of the police officers opened the back door of his car and let his K9 partner out. The officer then threw a ball down the parking lot – right at me! Well, Officer K9 took off for that ball as if the hounds of Hell were after him/her. And that ball came within about 5 feet of me! That K9 was amazing! The K9 saw me as h/she ran by, did a bit of a double take that there was a person there, and kept on running. Since I wasn’t a suspect and the dog hadn’t been commanded to do his/her official job in my direction, I just watched as he/she got the ball – and took a detour for a pee spot – then, at the command of the K9’s human partner, raced back and hopped right back into the cruiser. What an amazing thing to see!! I was so awake after that!

On a more serious note, I remember. In 1986 the Challenger exploded just after launch. I remember being so excited about the launch, that the teacher was one of the astronauts on this voyage. I was working as a bookkeeper in a mall jewelry store. I had finished the daily bookkeeping, so I was out on the floor helping with sales and waiting for the mailman for our daily pickup/drop off. The mailman walked in and we made the exchange of incoming and outgoing mail. Then, he very nonchalantly stated that the Space Shuttle had just blown up. Yes, that simply. I said, “What?” He shrugged and said that it was true, and walked out. I didn’t believe him. Surely it was a jest. But, needing confirmation, I called a friend whom I knew was home that day. He told me it was true. I still cannot watch footage of that explosion again. In fact, seeing it brings out a physical reaction for which I still have no explanation 29 years later.

Carry on.

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