Work. Football. You know, stuff.

I have a huge new respect for the early morning news anchors, reporters and crew… Where I live, it’s almost 8 p.m. It feels like 2 a.m. …… Lawd!

But, at least training is going well at work. Almost ready to fly solo. Many details, a lot of steps, a lot of paperwork. All those steps are starting to gel and I think that by my first solo “flight” later this week, I’ll be ready. Plus, I have the phone numbers of people who know what to do to save my bacon in case I get stuck. Did I mention the numbers were willingly given to me? Whew. #thankful

Mmm, bacon!

But I digress.

OK, on to the Super Bowl and the Seahawks. You know what? They played a good game. They did not win, and some might question the decision for that last play at the one yard line. I, who know less than nothing about pointy ball, am not the one to judge. I admit I scared my dogs when I yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” at that interception, but hey, I might recover one day. My pups already have. 😉

And now? Pretty sure I’m heading to bed shortly. Yes, people who know me. I heard the collective gasp all the way over here at my house. I’ll add it to my own.

Carry on.

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